Class information

                        Contact me for a class:  405-623-0711.

A beginning silk painting class starts on Friday from 1 PM to 4 PM. There is space for six people. Call ahead to save your spot.    $60.00

There is also a series of three classes. Openings are available for 2 to 6 students.   $40.00 for the last two classed. 

Classes are at the Red Dirt Art Gallery, located at Plaza Mayor on the first floor.  

After all three classes are completed and interested parties have purchased  their own supplies, we will paint together every week for $35 a month and learn new methods. This will be an ongoing class for people that are interested in silk painting.  I will also have extra supplies available  for people that want to purchase from me.  $35.00/mo.


Contact Me for a class:  405-623-0711 or email at

Contact me at : or or call 405-623-0711. All classes will have a minimum of 2 students and up to 6 students. This will allow for individualized attention.  

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